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Planning Tips

Choosing A Reception Location

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, there are a lot of important choices to be made; what to wear, who to hire, and most importantly--- where it will be. There are so many options that it can often become overwhelming. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of different wedding reception venues to help make that big decision a little bit easier!
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The Big Fake Wedding NYC : December 11, 2019

I can’t express enough how amazing this experience was. as a coordinator at a typical wedding show it’s hard to show couples what i do and the benefit of working with a coordinator. i don’t necessarily have a physical product that shows or promotes what exactly a coordinator does, so having the experience to show attendees myself in action was something great. i had the opportunity to really show potential clients, what i do, how i do it and the personality and passion i do it with. it was a great way to show the role of coordinator as well as a chance to see if i’m the right fit for them, which is something important since we will spend a lot of time together.
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SImply Loved Team

Journey To My Dream: Part 2

At kleinfeld’s i learned the ins and outs of the bridal world. i spoke to designers and photographers, people who had been submerged in the industry for 20+ years and i received the education of a lifetime. i got first hand experience not just in making sure a bride looks good and feels good on her day, but a brides, and couples real thoughts and stressors for their big day. with every bride and every appointment i was constantly learning, learning to weed through a multitude of opinions to find the one that truly mattered, learning what could and couldn’t be customized about a dress, and learning how truly special a wedding day was to a bride.
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SImply Loved Team

Journey To My Dream: Part 1

I had gotten this idea stuck in my head that i needed a job that would make me a lot of money and make me super cool (it was freshman year! everyone wants to be cool freshman year!). it took all of christmas break, most of which i spent lying in bed sick (note to future college students, if one person on the floor is sick you all get sick #noboundries), for me to realize that my dream job the one i secretly wanted deep down was a cool job! i had been worried that people would see my job as less-than. i didn’t want to be seen as a failure or an underachiever.
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