Tips to help you with your wedding planning process
week one
using citronella candles instead of scented or unscented candles is a true wedding decor power move. as the sun goes down during an outdoor wedding from gnats to mosquitoes the bugs come out. the citronella candles will keep them away from you and your guests and save you from a few days of post-wedding bug bites.
you can buy them in bulk on Amazon or other similar sites
band vs. DJ the age-old decision. one of the big issues couples face when they go the band route is deciding on a band that sounds appeals to them. You can read the reviews and listen to sound clips, but a great way to see if a band’s style is for you is to see if they have any upcoming live shows. A lot of bands will play at bars and venues. You can make a date night out of seeing the band live. It’s also a great way to introduce yourselves and get more information from them. 
we have escorted our fair share of drunk guests out of a wedding, some even before dancing even began. we all know a wedding is a good time and open bars are usually the way couples go. To avoid having guests get too drunk too early on in the wedding avoid serving drinks prior to cocktail hour.
Some couples will choose to have a passed drink or a semi-open bar for guests to enjoy as they arrive, this can sometimes cause guests to overindulge a little too early and then not allow them to celebrate the bigger moments of your big day.