unique guestbook ideas
 Your wedding day has you and your partner surrounded by everyone you love and that “everyone” can add up. The wedding is a whirlwind of fun, but can go in a blink of an eye and a great way to remember all the people that made your wedding amazing is a guest book.
Having a guest book is another way to capture a memory on your special day. Traditionally guest books are just a book that your guest sign, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.
This idea can definitely be modernized and made custom to every couple. Here are some fun unique ideas that you can take and make your own!
Have a station with a polaroid camera and some pens. People can take a photo and sign the picture! After you can look at all of the cute and funny faces people make and put together a scrapbook to keep and look at forever!

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Shadow Box
A shadow box is something different that can be used as decor in the couple’s house. Fill the box with anything: hearts, wine corks, special notes... really whatever you want. You can even ask the bartenders to save the corks from the wine used at the wedding so some of them are from your special day!
If you are a couple that loves games, this could be a really fun idea. Have a bunch of Jenga pieces out for people to sign or write a little message on each side. Then your next game night you can have a fun game to play while reminiscing about the wedding day!
Custom sign
A big sign with the couple’s name and the date of the wedding could be something cute and simple for the guest the can come in and sign. After the wedding it can be hung up as wall decor.
signing wine bottles
The wine-loving couples out there would probably love this idea. Get a few bottles of either your favorite wine, wine from your wedding date, or a mixture of different wines out and leave a pen for people to sign them. You can save them and then later open them up on your anniversary!

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vinyl record
This is a very cool and unique guest book idea. The couple could get a song they love or their first dance song on vinyl and put it out for their guest to sign. This is a cute way to remember the guest and listen to your favorite song.

Date night ideas
This is a great way for your guest to have a little fun with the couple. Guests can write down a fun date night idea that the couple can do together. So when the couple is out of date night ideas they can pick from one of these! They can even call/text the guest and tell them that they are doing their idea when they go out for date night!



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