Tips to help you with your wedding planning process
week two
maybe one of the most overlooked details leading up to your wedding day is cleaning your rings. Your wedding day will be filled with moments where your photographer is snapping photos of your new bling you want to make sure they look shiny and new.
A great time to clean them is the evening before your wedding. So you can leave them overnight to shine. 
something to remember when dress shopping is that bridal sizing is a lot different than street sizing. Typical bridal sizing is 2 sizes above your street dress size. This is because bridal gowns are made custom to each bride.
When your ordering your dress don’t be alarmed when you see the size.  if you are between sizes the larger size will be ordered as it’s easier to take in a dress than letting it out. 
when choosing your venue make sure to ask how early you or your vendors are allowed in to set up. For you, this will determine if you are able to get ready there or what time you can arrive for finishing touches. for your vendors, this will let them know how much time they have to set everything up.
A follow-up question to ask is if you are able to drop any decor items off the day or evening prior.