Tips to help you with your wedding planning process
week three

a typical wedding day may start early and end late. will include a lot of talking, dancing and sometimes drinking. so make sure to drink plenty of water. i know it can sometimes be an afterthought or overlooked, but it is very important.
this is also where having a planner can come in handy as he/she will make sure you have plenty avalable. 

one of a planner and photographer’s pet peeves is when the groomsmen are all standing during the ceremony and are not uniformed in where their hands are placed.
Establish with them during the rehearsal whether they will all be holding their hands crossed in front or in back. 

Can’t forget about our bridesmaids.
A good rule of thumb when holding a bouquet is to rest your elbows on your hips. Using your hip bones as a guide will give your arms a break, keep your flowers out of the way of photos, keep all your photos looking uninformed, and make sure everyone’s faces are visible.