Tips to help you with your wedding planning process
week four
if there is any wedding planning tip you take away from following along in this our weekly wedding planning tips its
have an inclimate weather wedding day plan!
If you live in New England it’s typically a rain plan, the midwest wind, and snow, our southern coastal states hurricane.
The last thing you want is to wake up the week of your wedding in a panic after looking at the forecast for your outdoor wedding. 
We all know you have hired a kick-butt wedding planner and don’t need to worry about your tables being set up correctly, but in case you haven’t.
Do mock-ups of your tables either in your home or at your venue. Take photos and give them to whoever you have set up on your wedding day so they understand your vision.
Bonus tip: Put each set of table decore in a separate bok and label them for easy placement. 
the dreaded plus 1’s
let’s start by saying no one deserves a plus one or is guaranteed one. this includes family as well as the bridal party.
if there is room in your guest count (and budget) it’s customary to give those engaged, and in long-term relationships a plus one, or a guest who will not know anyone else in attendance.
I have a bride that said it best “no ring, no bring”