Tips to help you with your wedding planning process
week five

this is a plus for so many reasons.
1. if you are looking for a specific color you know you will never wear again it keeps an expensive suit from just sitting around. 
2. Sites like these let you create a profile where you can link the groomsmen and all they have to do is enter their sizes and there is now worrying that they will get the wrong suit. 
3. it another way to help you save a little money, which you can then use for other wedding details. 

some venues due to fire codes or other rules will have restrictions on decor. some of the most common ones are, no open flame, no sparklers, no confetti or glitter.
unless you are basing your design and decore off your venue, make sure to ask this question when you tour. This may be the make or break between your top venues. 

*personal favorite alert*
Love the idea of a first look but also want your Hunny to see you first as you walk down the aisle? Opt for a first look with someone else. Some of my personal favorites are…
your parents, grandparents, bridal party, or siblings.
you can also opt for a first touch where you and your Hunny stand back to back and read personal vows while holding hands.