a guide to tipping your wedding vendors
Photo: Loghan Rose Photography 
one of the biggest questions we’re asked as we get closer to a couples big day is “how + what do we tip our wedding vendors” 
The answer(s):
How do we tip? – Well thats what SImply Loved or your coordinator is for! SImply (no pun intended)  give your coordinator an envelope with all your wedding day tips labled with each vendors name + we will take care of handing them out! 
What do we tip? – this is truly dependent on a lot of different factors including type of vendor, your contract along with your budget. 
To help we have created a cheat sheet of sorts to keep in your back pocket for when it comes time to get your tips together. 
Check it out below! 

 Here are some great takeaways to remember! 

Check your contracts: Some vendors like catering will have tips already included into the final price you pay. 

If the vendor is the owner of the company you are not necessarily expected to tip. 

If your not expected to tip your vendor its always a nice idea to send a heartfelt thank you note or gift