Favors for your Tiny Guests
Photo: Never There Yet Photography
Weddings are a very “grown-up” event, but not every guest may be a ‘grown-up’. Sometimes our tiny guests are often a  little overlooked on the day of. Favors are a perfect way to not only show you are thinking of them, but get them excited about celebrating your big day!
As the older guests are popping champagne for the happy couple, the little ones can be popping bubbles.
Tiny Games 
Whether they are playing cards, tic tac toe, I spy, legos, a wedding-themed mad-libs, or even a word search, games are great to keep kids engaged and happy. It can also get kids playing with each other giving parents more time to enjoy the adult wedding activities.
Activity Book 
Weddings are long especially for a younger guest, so giving the little guests an activity book with crayons gives them something to do. To make it unique you can even customize the book so the kids can take home to remember the day.
What kid (or adult) doesn’t get excited when they get a chance to eat loads of candy?
Ribbon Wands 
Kids have a ton of energy, little ribbon wands will be fun for them to dance with and will look beautiful in pictures.  
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