Choosing A Reception Location

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, there are a lot of important choices to be made; what to wear, who to hire, and most importantly— where it will be. There are so many options that it can often become overwhelming. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of different wedding reception venues to help make that big decision a little bit easier!

A Beach Wedding

the pros

No Need For Heels – Receptions can be long and brides don’t get to sit through it. No heels? No problem!

Beautiful Ocean Views – Need I say more?

Relaxation! – There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach, particularly your wedding day! Who can be stressed while listening to the sound of waves crashing to shore?

the cons

Sand – It will, without a doubt, get everywhere. However, it’s nothing a shower can’t fix!

Heat – Come prepared to sweat. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

Lack Of Privacy – On any given day, hundreds of people visit the beach. As you can’t rent out the entire beach, it’s unavoidable!

A Garden Wedding

the pros

You Can Spend Less On FLowers – Already, there will be flowers all around you! Mother Nature is your florist. It’s one less thing to stress over.

Photos – Expect some instagram-worthy shots!

the cons

Bugs; Bugs Bugs! – The bugs are unavoidable. Depending on the time of year, bees may make an appearance as well. Come prepared with bug repellant!

Weather – With an outdoor wedding, you always have to worry about the weather. One small raindrop can change everything!

A Rooftop Wedding

the pros

City Views! – Especially in larger cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, the views can be incredible! Just don’t lean too far over the edge!

Intimate Setting – This location is unique as it feels quite intimate while also being mostly out in the open. It’s perfect for a more romantic feel!!

Fresh Air – No one likes to feel crowded! The open air feel will definitely help bring comfort to all party-goers.!

the cons

Cant Fit A Large Number Of People – Unfortunately, your mother’s brother’s second cousin’s dogsitter probably cannot attend. It’s a safety issue. Hopefully no feelings are hurt!

Weather And Wind – This is another location where the weather matters a great deal! Along with this, being so high up can result in a higher chance of wind.

Noise – Cities can be loud. There’s nothing less romantic than saying “I do” while listening to traffic sounds below.

A Reception/Banquet Hall Wedding

the pros

Can Fit A Large Number Of Guests – Big family? No problem! There’s space for everyone.

Chairs And Tables Included – In paying for a wedding, the little things often start to add up. Not having to pay extra for tables and chairs can be a huge relief!

Valet Parking – There’s no lack of parking. This gives your guests one less thing to worry about!

the cons

Low Flexibility – There isn’t much room to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. That 8 foot high ice sculpture you always dreamed of probably won’t work in the space provided.

Expensive – Banquet halls vary in size and price. One in a hotel will undoubtedly cost more than one that stands alone. And who do you think is paying for the valet parking?

A Backyard Wedding

the pros

Convenience – Why go searching for a grand ballroom when the perfect reception space is right in your backyard? It’s only fitting that the place you choose to tie the knot is the place you once dreamed of your future wedding as a child!

No Site Fee – It costs approximately $0 to rent a location you already own. For those with a modest wedding budget and a solid space, what can be better than that?

the cons

Parking – Depending on where you reside, parking can be tough. The street may not be big enough for all your guests!

Bathrooms – Unless you choose to rent a Port A Potty, the only bathrooms available at your backyard wedding are the bathrooms inside your house. That won’t be fun to clean.

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