Best Gifts For Your Best Girls
Your wedding day is one of the specialist days of your life. You stand up in front of everyone you know with the person you love most next to you. But let’s not forget the group of girls that are standing next to you as well!
 This group of girls has stood by you as your best friends, sisters, and family. Heck, some of these girls you knew were going to be here on your wedding day before you even knew who you were marrying, so why not show your appreciation and love to them… and let’s be honest weddings are sometimes hard to be in so a little gift would really show how much you appreciate them, especially if you are a little bit of a bridezilla 😉
You can go so many ways with bridal party gifts, it’s really up to you, your budget, and your style. Personally, I love a gift that I can use multiple times, something practical with a splash of fun! 
Jewelry is always a nice and simple way to go. Get a cute little necklace or earrings (my personal favorite are gold hoops) that your squad can not only wear on your big day, but also something that they can wear any day and think of you. 
Another option could be a cute pajama set. I don’t know about you, but 80% of the time you can find me in pajamas, so I love a good PJ set. These pajamas can also double as getting ready outfits for all of your girls. You plus your girls getting ready in matching PJs equals a super cute photo opportunity. 
A third option is to pay for either the girls wedding day shoes or dress. If we are being honest, being in a wedding can get a little pricey, so if you take some of the load off the girls by gifting them their dresses or shoes, I am sure they would love it. 
This last idea is something that can go with any gift or as a gift on its own. A handwritten note. A note written by you to each individual girl talking about inside jokes, stories of you two when you were younger, or memories that you’ll never forget will mean so much to them. You can even add a cute photo attached to it too. 
These are just a few of my favorites but overall, no matter what you get your bridal party they will love it because they love you.
Linked below are a few of my favorites, plus some more that I really love too!
Mix and match to give something that you love to the girls you love!
Cozy Gift
Custom Jackets 
Accessory Bags
Pajama Sets
Self Care Kit
Written By | Jess Birchard
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