A Bach you will never forget
The bachelorette is probably the second most important night before the wedding (wedding is number one, obvi!), so it has to be nothing less than AMAZING! 
Every bride is different, but they all have the same thing in common … They want to have an unbelievable day/night with their best friends. 
If you have ever been to a bachelorette celebration, you know what you choose to do can sometimes can get a little repetitive,
We want to help you mix it up here are some great ideas to spice up the party and make it yours! 
drag show
 I am pretty sure there is nothing more fun than getting all dressed up with your girls and going to watch queens perform their butts off. This is somewhere different you can try, without the risk of being not fun.
magic mike experience
Who says the boys are the only ones that can go to a risque club. Grab your girls and your dollar bills and have yourself a night. I mean how can you not say no to gorgeous people and drinks.
The ultimate sleepover
This is your chance to have that massive slumber party that your mom said no to. This is one of my favorite ideas. Whether you are hosting it at your place or renting an Airbnb, a massive sleepover with all your friends and lots of wine seems like a match made in heaven. You can add special touches with matching pjs for everyone and some spicy games of truth or dare and never have I ever.
bucket list batch
Make the batch a fun way to check a bunch of stuff off your bucket list. Start by picking somewhere you have always wanted to go. Then make the rest of the trip full of fun ways for you and your friends to knock off as many bucket list items as possible, you can even make it a game or scavenger hunt type of activity with prizes.
Lake day 
If you’re into a more relaxing day, spending quality time with the people you love, than a lake house getaway is a bach you need. Hanging out and relaxing by the lake during the day and then campfires at night. This is a great bachelorette to destress right before the big day.
tbt night 
If you and your girls wanna relive the glory days have yourself TBT night. Go back to your old college stomping grounds and hit up all the bars and clubs that you used to. Especially if a lot of your friends are from college if will not only be fun but also nostalgic for everyone. 
I don’t know a single group of girls who don’t love drinking themselves a good glass (or bottle) of wine. Vineyards are beautiful and a great day trip for you and your group of friends. Trying different wines, spending a beautiful day outside, and sharing a bunch of laughs with your best friends is an amazing day. And who knows maybe you and your bestie can even have your own Lucy and Ethel moment while stomping grapes.
Blog Written By | Jess Birchard 
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